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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hi Geoff, it's Paul. The servers over at Reading are down because of the snow, Ian's off the radar because the turd doesn't know how to use Hotmail on his BlackBerry. If you ask me the BlackBerry is over anyway, it practically screams "cunt" when you whip out that limp dick of a phone. Since I got this iPhone I feel way more in tune with how our business operates. I'm not talking about plain old technology, I mean I actually feel e-ready. Mobile interfaces have been playing catch up for far too long, but Apple are cornering a market that's product-led, it transcends spaces beyond the office. I'm going to put in a recommendation to Shaft that all our facilitators get upgraded, you included. I haven't just taken on this consultancy to fill my pockets, I'm fully focussed on creating as many synergies as possible across departments, and I'm not just talking about systems development and resource optimisation. We need to ramp it up if we're going to stay ahead of the chasing pack. Squash on Friday?

Paul Cleese

Nilsson Consulting Southwest

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