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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Geoff, Ian here. Have you seen that twat Paul Cleese with his iPhone? We were at the club last night and everytime he went to the bar he started fiddling around with it like he'd just discovered his dick. Remind me to turn it on vibrate and shove it up his arse next time we see him.
  Re: the Google situation, I've just got the work experience lad to throw a brick through Venture Prospect's window. I must have got the right one, our pay-per-click costs have halved since the ambulance arrived.
  Sorry about the share price crash the other day, they'd just lifted the ban on short selling and I couldn't resist. Though I was sorry to see it mentioned in Simmons' suicide note. I thought it was a case of fanny and the benders when he started crying at the Synergy 'n' Swindon day. Turns out he meant it.

Oh by the way, do you think my new phone will be on it's way soon? Its doing that thing where it goes black and starts playing 'Knights in White Satin' by the Moody Blues. Classic tune btw.

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