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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ian, Geoff here. Sorry I wasn't at the integration meeting today, I've only just got back to the UK. Woke up on Saturday afternoon with a stonking hangover in a bush somewhere in Calais. Fuck knows how I got there, there was no sign of my passport nor my trousers. Last thing I remember is being chucked out of the Slug and Lettuce on Friday night for arguing with some wanker at the bar about the derivatives market. After about half an hour of thick black sick that smelled of pastis I managed to find my way to a police station but it's taken four days to get a replacement passport out to me. Anyway I'm somewhere in Kent now, will be back in the office tomorrow. I was chatting to someone on the train earlier who used to work with Marsh. Tell your mate Big John that if he wants something to fill his rag he should ask around and find out why Tony Marsh spent two weeks in a Saudi jail in 1998. Although I say 'rag', I actually read a really good article in there the other day by Michael Winner. Well, I say 'read', there was a photo of Diana on that yacht with Dodi and you could see a good 2 inches of cleavage. Such a waste.

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