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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hi Ian. You really shouldn't have posted that on Geoff's Facebook, I've just spent three hours in a police station explaining why I have child porn on my BlackBerry. The rozzers have gone to see Cleese now so he may not have to wait until Friday to have his contract terminated. Spoke to my editor, he's not interested, says this is beneath the Mail. If it's not popstars or Labour MPs they don't want to know. I thought I'd at least get 12 inches on one of the filler pages, but they're running an opinion piece from Michael Winner on Diana and the death of decorum. I've read it and it's fucking awful. The work experience lad subbing it came to me with it asking if Winner's got Alzheimer's. I told him no, he just doesn't have a soul.

I've got to go now and explain all this to Laura, but if you've got anything on that RBS chap and the Somali rent boy I could really use it. Golf on Sunday?

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