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Monday, 5 January 2009

Hi Paul (and the rest of the boys at Shaft!)
Great to see you lads the other night, I'm afraid I'll have to duck out of Amsterdam, I've got night shifts at the hospital. We had to sack all the junior doctors to get our pay rise.
Unions eh?

Oh and by the way, in my professional opinion, that girl's nipple is cancerous, so someone should mention that to her.

Till next time.
Dr. John Holt

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Wednesday, December 24, "paul cleese' wrote:
> >Alright lads,
>here are the pics from the Christmas party, what a fucking
>night. And Geoff, you are SPOT ON about Karen from HR
>and her tumour nipple. What a slack bitch.
>See you on the 6th for Amsterdam
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