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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Paul, Geoff here. What the fuck happened to Ian? Last time we saw him he was running out of that brothel with his dick hanging out screaming. He wasn't on our flight home, his wife doesn't know where he is and I keep getting his 'out of office' every time I email him. I'm worried about him - he left the charger for his BlackBerry in the hotel room. Let's just hope he hasn't copied his brother and dunked himself in one of those scummy canals.

While he's out of the office you're going to need to get the IT gimps up to scratch on what we want to do with the splash page on the website. The MD's blowing a fucking kidney about the photo of that cunt Madoff right next to the Shaft logo, said something about it not being appropriate in the current climate...? What does he want, a fucking snowman? Some dopey old scrubber slipping over on the ice and breaking her face? I don't know why people in this country get so wound up about the weather, you can always hop on a plane to the Phillipines if you need a dose of sun and a bit of sucky sucky. Speaking of which, I've lent those DVDs I brought back from Laos to John Holt, you can have them next once he's finished his night shifts at the hospital.

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