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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

From: Derek Montoya (
To: Renegade Spear (
CC: Artful Dodger (; Rapunzel (b_100711); Green Mist (; White Velvet (w_100711); Alpha (a_100711)
Tue, 1 August 2011 @ 11.58 BST

Hi all,

The shit has hit the fan so hard it’s come out the other side like brown piss. Swanton has popped up in Morocco and Hunt has been released, they’ve got some dirt on Jabba. Cleese has been dealt with, but this is now a code black, we’re shutting the whole thing down, make sure you delete everything. Steve at Google will make these accounts disappear, don’t try and use them again. Full deniability on this, none of this ever happened. When the shit starts getting in your hair, you know you’ve put your head too far into the bowl.