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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

From: Paul Cleese (
To: ''
Tue, 19 July 2011 @16.02 EDT

Dear Google,

I am writing regarding a matter which is of some concern to myself. As a quick glance through my user profile will attest, I have long been an impassioned supporter and evangelist of the Google vision. I was using Gmail when most people were still using Royal Mail, I beta tested Chrome, and I briefly ran an investment fund which took a risk on Android and lost millions when it first came out. I have consistently carried the torch for Google products in the corporate space, and indeed you may be aware that I was nominated for an award at last year's Central Europe Division Google Corporate Symposium for my work with the Schaft-Mannheim group, where my pioneering approach to cloud-centric B2B interfacing resulted in the group becoming the first financial institution to maintain a database exclusively stored on Google Docs, a system which delivered massive cost savings, prior to the company's share price collapse and subsequent liquidation following a series of data security breaches.

Anyway I digress, the reason I am bringing all this to your attention is that I am frankly appalled and insulted that I have not yet received an invitation to join Google+ in its initial rollout phase. I simply cannot believe that you do not have some kind of system wired in to the delivery of the project which allows you to flag key stakeholders such as myself, and ensure that they are included in the architecture of the first phase. If you want this venture to succeed, you cannot afford to exclude social media barometers such as Paul Cleese from the conversation. You, my friends, risk losing the very kudos that trended your brand in the first place.

Let me spell it out for you. My nephew has been invited to join Google+, and he requires the assistance of a carer just to type his own name. My mother, who only opened an email account for the first time last weekend so she could join eBay, has been invited to join Google+. I, Paul Cleese, founder of Cleese UK Consulting Ltd and former director of Nilsson Consulting Southwest, have not been invited to join Google +. In these times of transparency and full disclosure, can you please explain to me how in God's name you have allowed this to happen? And can you please send me an invite to Google+?


Paul Cleese