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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

From: Derek Montoya (
To: Renegade Spear (
Wed, 14 July 2011 @ 17.01 BST

Hi Boss

I know you've probably got enough shit on your plate, to the extent where you're probably having to ask the waiter to put the rest of the shit in a doggy bag to take home so you can fill your already fairly shitty fridge with it, but apparently another story's about to break, the Tube guy this time. We've done some digging around as per your request and we don't think it's that bint on Twitter, and White Velvet doesn't think it's coming from G. He says the job may not have been carried out properly at the other end, thinks that chubby paedo might have twatted things right up. You want me to lean on the PN a bit harder, get them to find out where the shit got wiped and how big the stain is?