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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Ian, it's Geoff. I can't pick you up from the airport tomorrow so I'm sending my driver Dejan to come and get you. He's Serbian, there's loads of the fuckers here, the Swiss hate them but Dejan's a top bloke. He's got some cracking stories about what he used to get up to in the 90s, he'll get you up to the office before you can say "wanted in The Hague". You're arriving at a good time actually, the city council's just pulled down the minaret opposite the office so we've now got an uninterrupted view of the park where all the students sunbathe topless in the summer. Hans in Acquisitions said he used to practically wank himself dry every lunch time staring out that window before they built the mosque. Unfortunately it's still pretty fucking cold here at the moment, though I find a couple of whiskeys before I leave the flat in the morning keeps me warm enough to survive the walk to the car. Can't get any decent chang out here though, the drones in the office are all a bit straight for my liking. Still, Paul Cleese should shake them up a bit when he flies out. Can't believe he's out on probation already, I guess his Tory friends must be pulling strings for him, and they're not even in power yet! Still, it was only kiddy photos he was in for, it's not like it's rape or anything. Which reminds me, are Jenny and the kids going to be moving over here or did you black them up and offload them in Haiti? The only reason I ask is that Janice Borowski is in Zurich now along with that other kid of yours that Jenny doesn't know about. He's got your eyes you know. One lazy, the other one vacant. Anyway we'll catch up tomorrow, I trust there weren't any problems with that passport Israeli Dan sorted out for you..?

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