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Monday, 1 March 2010

Geoff, Ian here,
That Dejan's a good lad. I didn't know you were allowed to carry automatic weapons here, he let me hold it. Well, he made me put it in my bag when the police stopped us. Good lad. The UBS boys were on the plane on the way over, they say when Credit Suisse get here we should be swimming in the white stuff. Apparently they've been paid in truffle oil, sock garters and coke since '08.
I heard Paul Cleese went clean since he was in the slammer? I frankly don't give a shit whether he's fiddling kids or expenses but I do hope he hasn't lost his taste for Chateau Lafite and some frankly appalling racist banter. I've got some more photos hanging around on my hard drive that we can whip out if he's prannying around saying he's off the talcum. I know why Cameron's so fucking eager to get him on side, Cleese has got a video of him dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine with his todger sellotaped to his wrist, singing along to Keane at the last Bullingdon reunion.
Jenny won't be arriving for a few months. In an... administrative error she thought we were moving to Swaziland, rather than Switzerland and she's shipped the kids and all our stuff over there. I'm getting some shut eye and a bottle of brandy in before the big meet and greet. See you in the A.M.

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